How do you display your family pictures?

Started by Cindy , author of Skip to my Lou 3/8/2011 7:52:08 AM

I am looking for some clever ways to get my photos out of boxes and onto my walls and also into the hands of my children. Any ideas?

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Reply by angie

author of sevenclowncircus.com 3/8/2011 9:44:34 AM

I display mine pretty traditionally.  In frames, and I've been LOVING canvas wrapped prints lately.


Reply by Michelle

author of Everyday Celebrating 3/8/2011 10:20:00 AM

I have a photo wall, but I'm loving the layering of frames like this:

This is my photo wall, but like Michelle said, too love the layering of frames in the pic she posted too!

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Michelle said ...
I have a photo wall, but I'm loving the layering of frames like this:


Reply by Kat

author of Mama's Losin' It! 3/8/2011 12:40:56 PM

I love the wall of collages and have really been digging the canvas display lately, as opposed to framed photos. I'm with you though Cindy...STILL waiting to pull pictures out and actually do something with them!


Reply by Courtney

author of Pizzazzerie 3/8/2011 2:23:53 PM

I love the photo walls! I am afraid it would look busy if I tried that but I should still give it a go! I have a fun birdcage type thing -- http://www.moxii.com/ecommerce/control/product/~product_id=2730 that is fun for holding pics, etc



Reply by Jacki

author of Dare 2 Dream, Dare 2 Do 3/8/2011 3:24:54 PM

I am wanting to do canvas on some of my digital photos that are still on my computer.  We have very little wall space left, just the wall going upstairs.  Problem with that is the upstairs is all masterbedroom so no one will really see it.

IHeart Organizing did a whole month of organizing your photos, just last month.  She put them in these great little plastic boxes (covered in fun paper) and put them out on the coffee table.


This is the photo display we have over our fireplace. I mixed the types of frames, included a mirror and apothecary jars - I have another wall with the collage of just frames and they are all matching. Pottery Barn is a place where I find inspiration for photo displays - although I never buy their items because they would totally bust the budget! :-)

Oh, and I have a canvas at the top center. I forgot to mention that.

Oh!  Love this discussion.  I have a long wall that I am wanting to turn into a photo wall.  I need some inspiration and love the layered look.  Do you like the look of different colored frames?  I am going to do different styles but was wondering if I should keep them all the same color...what do you think?


Reply by Christina

author of Rev Up The Passion 3/9/2011 9:44:28 AM

I personally love the look of different colors and shapes of frames. All though when I say colors I mean my wall is white and black frames of different shapes and patterns. I also have a second photo wall and all the frames are rustic wood each on looking a little different, it gives it home made feel.

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