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Started by Marie , author of Craft Ideas, Kids Crafts, Recipes and More | Make and Takes 5/8/2012 10:44:26 AM

We love to color at our house. I will scour the internet for free coloring pages to print out and my girls will color away. But it's even better when we can color pages from a storybook or character that they love. 

Over at Random House's website for kids, they have all kinds of fun printable coloring pages, with so many of our favorite characters. 


Who is your child's favorite storybook character? I'm sure there's a coloring page out there to take their learning and excitement further. 

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Reply by Lizanne

author of Lizzy and the Lizzards 7/8/2012 9:20:25 AM

Thanks for this tip! We are also crazy about coloring here!

I'd love to share my own little coloring book activity, based on my childrens music concept, 'Lizzy and the Lizzards'.


I came up with the idea of using toilet paper tubes to make these fun and funky critters. You just print out the pages, color them in, cut them out and wrap them around a toilet paper tube! So simple and fun, you can even make a stage out of a shoe box and have them put on a show!

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