Going across the border — Nacho Bake
  I know that yesterday was Tuesday but we are having a bit of our own “March Madnes
855 days ago
Time for renewal and change
Today is the first official day of Spring !! I’ve always loved spring .. cleaning out the
856 days ago
Weekend Update
I’m happy to report the hubby came home Friday night  and we had a wonderful weekend of f
871 days ago
My inspiration .. my grandmother.
Who is my inspiration? Lots of different people have inspired me over the years depending on th
874 days ago
My Life’s Agenda
My Life’s agenda has changed a lot over the years as my passions and interests have chang
877 days ago
Chicken Pot Pie without the Pie
With March (and all its madness ) and Spring right around the corner , we all could use a recip
878 days ago
I need your help …
As many of you already know (and I’ve written about before ) that I have a special needs
881 days ago
Letting them find their own way ..
Yesterday was one of those days that I would like a remote control for .  Wouldn’t it be
883 days ago
Happy Mardi Gras!
For the majority of people, today is just like any other day , a Tuesday; but back home in New
884 days ago
Let them eat chicken nuggets!
So the other day I saw a link on Facebook about the preschooler in NC that had his healthy lunc
889 days ago
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