in which I tell you that this is the end of my blog
They say that all good things must come to an end. And, at least in this instance, they are right.
675 days ago
677 days ago
just some sentences
At last, the painting in our house is done! All done. If you are following me on Instagram (I'm MckM
682 days ago
this boy
This boy... ...has joined a kids' running group. He's training for his first "big" race, a full m
685 days ago
colorfully coordinated
Want your house to be organized and coordinated? Here's a fun little thing that I do. I use p
687 days ago
this little light of mine
Oh, Lachlan. This little light of mine, indeed. He's two now. Still the light of our lives. N
689 days ago
ragged around the edges
This fall with my kids coming and going, early mornings getting ready for school, five of them and l
693 days ago
“Don’t touch the walls!”
The walls are washed. A faint scent of baking soda and vinegar lingers in the air. That smell always
693 days ago
white walls no more
We've only been in our new house for a few weeks and already I've washed the hallway walls more than
694 days ago
Where have I been!?
I haven't been blogging because I've been getting my MSC ready for the beginning of school, accident
694 days ago
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