Total Transformation of your child is BS
I keep hearing these dumb commercials about ordering "The Total Transformation" for your unruly teen
502 days ago
Bedazzle your vagizzle...
So, I get my eyelashes done, albeit not regularly..due to my laziness during time off. I was loo
513 days ago
The Sweet Life...
I've had a very tiring past few months. I keep wondering when things will slow down. Have you ev
516 days ago
What do I do?
For the most part, I feel as though I am living life. Because I am not emotionally entangled with my
525 days ago
Epic failure...
I suck as a blogger lately. I know. I own it. I've been too busy. I realized yesterday that I've
527 days ago
Random thoughts....
For as many decisions as I make in my life, I really hate it. At work, I'm the boss, or "hoss" a
532 days ago
"And then I woke up, and it was mid-January..."
What's up? So I've been neglectful lately, I know. It's just that I have a ridiculously busy life
547 days ago
A Beginner's Guide to Coping with Relationship Issues
In every marriage, you come to points that just suck. Either you have kids and then have no time
552 days ago
Holiday Glee is it's time to pay the price for Gluttonism
I know it's been awhile since I last blogged. The month of December brought big changes and a lot of
561 days ago
Goodbye, cruel world...maybe? it is. The eve of possible destruction. A day many people have feared and wondered a
579 days ago
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